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Why is celebrating LGBTQ+ pride so important in 2019? And, what makes us proud to be ourselves? *Hint: It has something to do with embracing yourself just as you are…

Finding love in NYC

I often hear people express how HARD it is to find love in New York (been there!), but is that really true? What might make it easier? How do we know when we’ve found it? And, what’s the key to making it work once we do?

Here’s why you’re awesome…

In an influencer obsessed culture where ‘compare and despair’ is the m.o., it’s hard to acknowledge and feel good about ourselves. (Amiright?!) So I took to the streets of NYC to remind people just how fantastic they truly are.

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Since starting “Katie Makes Friends” in April 2018, I have interviewed over 1,000 people — on the streets of New York alone! It turns out, as humans, our most common ground lies in the problems we deal with each day. Many of us turn to celebrities and “influencers” to get their take on things, but wouldn’t it be more helpful if we talked to our neighbors? Our friends? Our families? That’s why ‘Katie Makes Friends’ focuses on the different advice and experience real-world humans have to share around the issues we all face.

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